Triple Net  NNN Properties

Defining The Real Triple Net Deal -

NNN Properties

Have you heard about triple net NNN properties? Do you have a good handle as to what these are and why they can make for a great passive investment opportunity? These are the types of properties that can be extremely profitable, ideal situations for investors who desire predictable income with no landlord expenses or management. If you are looking for a new stream of income, seeking out triple net deals NNN properties across the nation may make sense.  They typically require no supervision, while requiring the tenant to pay for 100% of all the typical landlord costs.   
A triple net NNN property is one where the tenant or tenants of the property are required to pay for all of the operational expenses of the real estate.  The triple net stands for Net, Net, Net - a term used in a commercial lease agreement to describe that the lease requires the tenant to pay all of the property's operational expenses (usually in the form of real estate taxes, property insurance and common area maintenance).  There are other forms of Net leases, including Absolute Net, NN, and Ground Lease.  Each form can have certain costs and responsibilities laid out in the Landlord and Tenant responsibilities section of each lease agreement. 


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